Gel Blaster Game Modes

Free For All Gel Blasters

Every person for themselves. Be the last one standing to be victorious. 

TDM Gel Blasters

Red vs Blue. Which team will win it all?   Eliminate the opposing players before yours are to win. 

VIP Gel Blasters

Protect your VIP. Keep the VIP alive while trying to find theirs first. 

CTF Gel Blasters

Capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base. First to capture the enemy flag wins. 

Set Event Date

Gel Blasters for Rent

Gel Blaster, also known as Gelly Ball, is an Adrenaline-filled, competitive atmosphere.  But the play doesn’t need to be messy! The Gel Blaster SURGE is an advanced blaster with no mess or clean-up technology, meaning you can battle indoor, outdoor, anywhere you want

  • Safe and non-lethal ammunition
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor venues
  • Promotes teamwork, communication and strategic thinking
  • Customizable game options to suit your preferences
  • Professional setup and support from experienced staff

**Prices reflect full cost except any wanted add-ons or travel fee. 

Professional delivery to GRANITE CITY IL and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.