Laser Tag League

What is Tactical Laser Tag?

A new, organized sport right here in St.Louis and surrounding areas.

Because we are mobile, we bring the league right to your town. Our focus is to bring the sport of Tactical Laser Tag to players that never looked at it as an “organized sport.” We use our state-of-the-art laser tag to provide  4 on 4 based games, with up to 8 teams each season.  
Tactical Laser Tag League is unique as it does not favor “larger, faster, stronger” players.  In fact, our sport favors teams that work together and focus on communication.  Traits that tend not to affect other organized sports in a drastic way. 

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How does it work?

Tactical Laser Tag League will consist of 4 age groups (see below) with 8 teams of 4 players in each group.  You can sign up as a team or individually and we will put you into a team.  The cost is $75 per player.  ALL equipment needed to play laser tag is provided by the League.  No special gloves, or helmets or shoes etc.  $75 and you’re set.

The league will last 6 weeks.  Sessions will be 1 hour for each group and will be guaranteed 2 games per night. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay and watch or grab yourself a drink or snack at the bar/restaurant.  

Each hour is broken down to specific age groups to make sure you’re playing against players of the same age and general skill level.  

Age groups (32 players per group [4 players/team]) :

Group 1: 9-13

Group 2:  14-17

Group 3: 18 – 25

Group 4: 26+ 

League Winners Reward

  • Group 1:  TBD – Gift cards or other treats

  • Group 2: TBD – Gift cards or other treats

  • Group 3: Cash reward – $150/player of winning team for total of $600/team

  • Group 3: Cash Reward – $150/player of winning team for total of $600/team

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